Apply now to be a We Care Wednesday Partner!

2017 OC Fair
July 14 – August 13

The OC Fair hosts four community drives during the summer fair that offer free admission with donation. The We Care Wednesday (WCW) program began as a one-day event in 1999 expanding to its current configuration featuring a food drive, a children’s book drive, a clothing drive and a school supply drive. Each drive brings in 60,000 items or more for the partner organization.
At the 2016 OC Fair, nearly 50,000 participants donated food, children’s books, clothing and school supplies through the WCW program.

Interested Applicants
For 2017, the OC Fair is inviting all interested organizations to apply to be a recipient of the WCW program. Applicants are not limited to accepting food, clothing, books or school supplies. New donation drives for 2017 will be considered.
The details of the 2017 We Care Wednesday program are as follows:
• Tentative 2017 dates are: 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9; Noon – 3 p.m.
• Patrons receive 1 Free Admission + 1 Free Carnival Ride per person with donation.
• Donations are collected at three OC Fair gates.
• The number of participants varies from 15,000 to 20,000 for each drive.
• There will be one recipient organization for each drive.
• Selected organizations will serve as a WCW partner for two years as long as partner expectations are met.

Partner Requirements
• Orange County or Los Angeles based organization benefitting the community.
• Organization must have the ability to facilitate a large drive and collect 60,000 items or more within a three-hour period.

Partner Expectations
Partners are expected to:
• Secure and manage volunteers for three OC Fair gates. Volunteers are responsible for collecting/handling all donated items in a timely/orderly fashion so donated items do not pile up and clutter the donation site. Items are not to be counted or catalogued during the drive as this slows down the collection process.
• Adhere to strict volunteer/partner guidelines. The distribution of nonprofit materials and acceptance of monetary donations will not be allowed.  Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and be in good health as the drives can be physically taxing. Each organization is required to run all volunteer names through the Megan’s Law database. There will be no volunteer shift changes.
• Provide t-shirts/uniforms for volunteers/staff working the drive.
• Provide collection bins and pallets for three OC Fair gates.
• Coordinate the pickup of items by 7 p.m. the day of the drive. If collection boxes are not removed immediately following the drive, they must be shrink-wrapped so items cannot be removed by patrons.
• Leave behind one collection bin at each gate for the late donation of items. At the end of the evening, these bins will be moved by OCF to the Maintenance Yard for pickup the following morning by 11 a.m. by the nonprofit organization.
• Contribute marketing, advertising and promotional support of the drive.
o Print ads, e-blasts, social, community outreach, etc.
• Secure advance OC Fair approval on all materials promoting the WCW drives.
OC Fair Responsibilities
• Free admission ticket distribution. Only OC Fair employees will handle tickets.
• Collection point set up at three OC Fair entrances – tents, tables, fencing, etc.
• Partner/volunteer parking/admission.

Please provide the following information:
1. Primary Contact: Please include name, title, phone, email and address.
2. Identify your organization’s media spokesperson.
3. Background on your organization, including the community served, mission statement, etc.
4. What type of item do you collect?
5. How does the item collected serve the community?
6. What is your distribution plan for the collected items?
7. How soon will these items be serving the community?
8. Historical experience with collection drives. Please include the size of the drive, number of volunteers and amounts collected. Also include the dates and locations of these events.
9. Please provide a list of all community events you participate in yearly.
10. Organizational structure for drive staff such as the main lead of the drive and supporting staff (i.e. volunteer coordinator, PR, Marketing, etc.). There should be a designated “lead” at each gate.
11. Volunteer Process: How do you secure volunteers?
12. Operational Plan: Provide details on how you will structure/facilitate the drive.
13. PR/Marketing/Advertising Capabilities: How will your organization help promote the drive? Please provide a PR/advertising/marketing plan with timing. Plan should include a dedicated e-blast.
14. Propose three advance events where you can promote WCW.
15. What size is your database? What is your outreach plan for utilizing this database?
16. What are your social media capabilities?
17. Please share any extended partnerships you can utilize to promote WCW.
18. Accessibility to equipment/trucks/pallets/boxes needed to collect items from approximately 15,000 – 20,000 Fair patrons. Does your organization have the equipment/boxes/pallets, etc. to collect and transport items or do you rely on sponsor support?
19. What is the turnaround time for providing the OC Fair with the quantity of items collected? This number is important for reporting purposes.

Applicants will be scored in these areas:
• Service to the Community
• Operational Structure
• Event Experience
• Marketing & PR Plans
• Advertising Plan
• Social Media Outreach
• Advance Promotion

• Applications are due Monday, February 20 by 10 a.m.
• Scoring will take place the week of February 27, 2017.
• WCW recipients will be announced via email on Monday, March 6, 2017.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the OC Fair.

For questions, please contact phighwart@ocfair.com
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